Vana’diel Atlas is created and mainted by Hsiu, with the help of Nunuu and many linkshell friends. The goal of this site is to collect and house information related to the geography of Vana’diel in hope to help new and old adventurers of Final Fantasy XI.

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This site gathered information from various information and map sites online.

n Lonely Vana'diel > Basic connections of all maps and markers.
n FinalFantasyXI Stardegy MAP > Additional markers and maps information.
n Final Fantasy XI Stardegy maps > Additional markers, NM, and maps information.
n Final Fantasy XI - FFXI Maps > Treasure and NM information.
n Vana'diel Monsters > Weather and elemental information.
n BEB FFXI Page > Specially edited maps of hidden areas. A big thank you goes to them for allowing us to use some of their edited maps.
n KoolAid Linkshell > Treasure chest location for some areas.
n Elemental publishing office > Elemental spawn locations.

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