How do I register to the site?
At this moment, the registration and login system is for admin use only. It will be open to public once ready. Sorry for the inconvenience.
May I use your maps for my site?
You are free to use maps on this site as long as:
  1. Credits are given along with visible links back to Vana'diel Atlas.
    (Note: if you are using elemental locations, please credit as well.)

  2. Your site must have other content on top of the used maps.
    If you are a map site, please re-create or add your contents.
It would also be great if you could drop us a note at to let us know that you are using our maps.
I am having problem with using maps on my Palm, can you help me?
Please direct all Palm related questions to FFXI Timer for Palm for we here at Vana'diel Atlas do not have knowledge on Palm hardware or software. Sorry for the inconvenience.