Map related sites
Referenced sites and other map sites.
Site Name Type Description Language
Lonely Vana'diel Map information Collection of maps with zone connection, quest NPC items, notes. Japanese

Mining Logging Harvesting Excavition MAP
Mining, Logging, Harvesting, Excavition locations A larger site with maps containing location of logging, harvesting, mining, excavtion points. English
++ elemental location ++
Elemental location Open database of Elemental spawn locations. Japanese
Map information Collection of maps with detailed zone connections, quest NPC items, notes, treasure locations. English
FFXI Map Guide Map information, Map links A very nice collection of maps re-drawn to show the most detail about an area. Along with links to various other FFXP map-based sites. Japanese
Map information Another very lovely Japanese map site based off the F&M White Maps. Uses lots of graphical icons and symbols to display points of nterests and navigation. Japanese
Vana'diel Wiki / FF11 World Map Guide Wiki Japanese language wiki for maps. Japanese
FFXI no Nanka Notorious Monster & Treasure Maps based off the F&M White Maps with up to date Notorious Monsters and Treasure information. Japanese
FinalFantasyXI Stardegy MAP Map information Collection of maps with detailed zone connections, quest NPC items, notes. Not updated with CoP areas. Japanese
Final Fantasy XI Stardegy maps Map information Collection of detailed map information. Japanese
Final Fantasy XI - FFXI Maps Notorious Monster & Treasure Maps of Notorious Monsters and Treasure chest locations. English
Final Fantasy XI Location Location information Official Location information on English
aht urhgan cartographer Treasures of Aht Urhgan maps Website focused on Treasures of Aht Urhgan areas. Japanese
F&M White Maps
Map information Collection of vector traced blank maps, downloadable for editing. Most frequently used for map sites everywhere. Japanese
General Information Sites
Useful FFXI database sites.
Crafting Information Sites
Useful sites related to crafting.
Site Name Type Language
FFXIclopedia Wiki English
FFXI Mystery Tour Database English
FFXI - Database English
Site Name Type Language
ffrecipe Crafting Bilingual
Final Fantasy XI Recipe Search System
Crafting - search English Crafting English
Vana Fishing Fishing Japanese
Pikko Pots Gardening English
Other sites
Miscellaneous FFXI related sites.
Site Name Type Description Language
FFXIはじめました Other Site graphics resources. Icons, images, backgrounds, wallpapers. Japanese
Linkshell & Graphics Linkshell site with website graphic resources, icons, artworks. Japanese
kero web
Personal & Graphics Personal website with icons and artworks. Japanese
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