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Area nameCastle Oztroja
Stats You can cast Escape in this area.
You can cast Tractor in this area.
Attain by Purchase
Weathersingle fire single earth
Escape to Meriphataud Mountains (L-8)   View Map
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Expansion Final Fantasy XI

This dungeon has many password protected/locked doors which all change daily in Vana'diel time.

Please refer to the "Lever combination for Brass Door" for the correct combination to open the Brass Door (at G-8, Floor 2) using the four levers.

To open the Brass door (on H-7, Floor 4) light all the torches marked by blue dots. You can also have someone open the door from the inside.

To get to the lower level on Floor 4, you need to enter three passwords (case sensitive) into the device. The combination of passwords change every Vana'diel day. Please refer to the "Password for the Brass door on F4" throughout the dungeon maps.

You may also guess the combination of passwords from this list:

  • Domi
  • Puqu
  • Gadu
  • Deggi
  • Mjuu
  • Xalmo
  • Haqa
  • Mong
  • Ouzi
  • Duzu
  • Buxu
  • Quu
  • Misu
  • Xicu
  • Ovzi
  • Duxo
  • Zhuu
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