Area — Oldton Movalpolos

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Area nameOldton Movalpolos
Stats You can cast Escape in this area.
You can cast Tractor in this area.
Attain by Treasure Chest
Weathersingle earth single thunder
Escape to North Gustaberg (J-6)   View Map
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Expansion Chain of Promathia

The three Rusty Levers are used to move three platforms at (K-10). The platforms will only stay up for about 15 seconds, so all three levers must be hit simultaneously in order to get across.

Tip: Fast route to Mine Shaft #2716
Twinkbrix will play a dice game with you. You can trade him 1 - 10,000 gil, and he will roll two 50 sided die. The two die he rolls must add up to a number between 2 and X. X is determined by how much gil you trade him, with 10,000 gil maxing out at 50. Once you win, you can trade him another 2,000 gil to teleport right into Mine Shaft #2716. Alternatively, you can trade a Snow Lily (obtained from the AH or dropped from Cwn Annwn or Uleguerand Tiger in Uleguerand Range) to the moblin Tarnotik at K-10 to warp you.


Gropitou, Goobs

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