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Area namePso'xja
Stats You can cast Escape in this area.
You can cast Tractor in this area.
Attain by Treasure Chest
Weathersingle ice single dark
Escape to Beaucedine Glacier (E-12)   View Map
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Expansion Chain of Promathia

Pso'xja is divided into six areas. Three un-capped areas, three capped areas by level 40, 50, and 60. All areas will eventually lead to a teleporter back to Beaucedine Glacier, and some will have an elevator that leads to an Avatar Gate.

First uncapped area is mainly of holes to drop down, eventually leading to a teleporter out. Avatar Gate for this area is used for CoP Missions.

Second uncapped area have a green and blue door that requires certain key items in order to enter. To obtain the key item, you need to touch a ??? in trapped rooms that triggers two NMs to pop. After you defeat the NMs, you can get the key item by touching the ??? again. Past the green door there is an area that can only be passed by turning on the Crystal Receptor. Once activated, there is about one minute to run across past the platforms. After one minute the platforms will disappear. Passing both doors will eventually lead to an elevator down to the basement with an Avatar Gate and a teleporter back to Beaucedine Glacier.

The level 60 cap area has many one-way walls.

The level 50 cap area has traps on each door throughout the area. By touching the gates, either a NM will pop, or you will be warped back to the entrance. Thieves can also pick the locks on the gates, the door will open if the thief is successful, the same NM will appear if the thief fails picking the lock. You must destory it in order to get past the door.


Additional navigation information of this area is brought to us by Valyana and Senni.

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