Area — The Shrine of Ru'Avitau


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Area nameThe Shrine of Ru'Avitau
Stats You can cast Escape in this area.
You can cast Tractor in this area.
Attain by Treasure Coffer [Ve'Lugannon Palace]
Weathersingle wind single light
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Expansion Rise of the Zilart

This area often have blue and yellow doors blocking the way as you navigate. Devices called "Monolith" are used to control these doors. Often only one colour type will be open at a time, if the blue doors are open, the yellow doors will be closed.

Teleporters are used to jump around the area, the small circles on the map denotes teleporters, and empty areas with letters are the destination of the teleporters. Some teleporters have more than one possible destination, you may end up at different places each time. The chances are random.
You cannot go from teleport destination back to a teleporter.

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