Area — Temple of Uggalepih


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Area nameTemple of Uggalepih
RegionElshimo Uplands
Stats You can cast Escape in this area.
You can cast Tractor in this area.
Attain by Treasure Coffer
Weathersingle fire single water
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Expansion Rise of the Zilart

Paintbrush of souls - A key item obtained by examining a bookshelf in the paintbrush room, then the locked case on the table.

Paintbrush room - To enter this room, you must first get a "Uggalepih Key" from Tonberry Cutters and trade it to the door.

Granite Door (1) - Opened by defeating the Temple Guardian outside of the door.

Granite Door (2) - Opened by painting using key item "Paintbrush of souls". To use it, first examin all the paintings in the room, then the "Picture Frame" on the right wall. Once a dialogue appears with an arrow to continue, wait 30 seconds before pressing enter.

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