Quest for Map of:
Xarcabard, Beaucedine Glacier

Her Majesty's Garden

Quest name Her Majesty's Garden
Related areas
  • Chateau d'Oraguille
  • Requirements and
    Suggested party Setup :
  • Level 4 San d'Oria fame needed
  • Soloable at level 1 if you buy quest item from AH
  • Level 60+ otherwise
  • Details : The quest begins in Chateau d'Oraguille. Speak to Chalvatot at F-7, then inspect the queen's tomb nearby, then speak with Chalvatot once again to start the quest. He will ask you to find Derfland Humus, an item dropped off Doom Scorpions(lv 45-47) in the Crawlers' Nest. You can also bu ythe item off the AH under Others>Misc. Give the item to Chalvatot and he will reward you with the map.