Quest for Map of:
Aydeewa Subterrane, Mount Zhayolm

What Friends Are For

Quest name What Friends Are For
Related areas
  • Nashmau
  • Aydeewa Subterrane
  • Requirements and
    Suggested party Setup :
  • Solo possible.
  • Details : First speak to Tsetseroon (G-6) in Nashmau.

    Head to Wajaom Woodlands and enter Aydeewa Subterrane through zone #8.

    Walk near the ??? labeled for "What Friends Are For" quest and receive a brief cutscene. Invisible and sneak will be dropped after the cutscene so beware of the tigers and chigoes around!

    Head back to Nashmau, speak to Tsetseroon again. You will need to trade him a Cobalt Jellyfish and a Tin Ore. He will give you A pot of Tsetseroon's stew.

    Walk back to where the location where you got the cutscene and check the ??? on top of the steps.

    Pick to look in his bag to get the map, and speak to Tsetseroon back in town once again to obtain a Imp. Bronze Piece.

    Quest information provided by Huggo and Alananir.