Quest for Map of:
Mount Zhayolm

Rock Bottom

Quest name Rock Bottom
Related areas
  • Mount Zhayolm
  • Requirements and
    Suggested party Setup :
  • Quest can be completed solo.
  • Details :
    1. Craft or purchase a Pickaxe off the Auction House.
    2. Craft or purchase a Mythril Pick. Listed under Weapons > Axe > Level 50
    3. Head to Halvung, use escape to go right where you want to go or proceed through Halvung to Mount Zhalyolm exit 1 as marked on Make sure to avoid aggro from Trolls and Bats on the way with Sneak AND Invis.
    4. From there tab around for a {Blank} Target, talk to the target, you will receive a Cut scene with a troll and a Moblin, the troll has lost his pick.
    5. When the cutscene ends trade the PICKAXE to the point, the troll will say that its not big enough and would break, when the cutscene ends zone back into halvung, then zone back into Mount Zhayolm.
    6. Trade the MYTHRIL PICK to the point, you will get a Cutscene with the Troll and Moblin, you will then receive the map of Mount Zhayolm.

    Quest Walkthrough by Ruey