Quest for Map of:
Attohwa Chasm

One Good Deed

Quest name One Good Deed
Related areas
  • Port Windurst
  • Bibiki Bay - Purgonorgo Isle
  • Details :
    1. Speak with Chipmy-Popmy (C-8) of Port Windurst to begin the quest.

    2. Once the cut scene ends go to Bibiki Bay: Purgonorgo Isle Via the Manaclipper.

    3. At the Isle Go south to H-9, near the center of the Isle. There is a ??? that will spawn 6 Black Mandragora type monsters named "Peerifool" (Level 48), before you press the ??? it is sudgested that you kill Mandragoras in the area that could link during the fight.

    4. Once all the Mandragoras are dead press the ??? again for Key Item: Deed to Purgonorgo Isle.

    5. Head back to Chipmy-Popmy for another cut scene, at this point you should head to Attohwa chasm via Maze of Shakhrami use the map here to guide yourself to Boneyard Gully.

      If you have any problems try getting someone who knows their way to guide you to Boneyard Gully. Please be aware that the monsters on the west side con EP-EM to a 75, and on the east side monsters con TW-EP+ to a lvl 60. Sneak and Invis are both needed throughout the zone, and try to travel during the day to avoid Corses and undead.

    6. When you arrive at The Boneyard Gully you'll be treated to a cut scene, you'll receive Key Item: Map of Attohwa Chasm.

    7. Head back to windurst after the cutscene and speak with Chipmy-Popmy for another cutscene and 2,100 gil.

      Congratulations, you're done!