Quest for Map of:
Castle Zvahl Keep, Castle Zvahl Baileys


Quest name Northward
Related areas
  • Ru'Lude Gardens
  • Ordelles Caves (if you are a brave soul!)
  • Requirements and
    Suggested party Setup :
  • Can be soloed at 30+ if you hunt for item !
  • Can be done by level 1 if you use Auction House
  • Details : Go speak with Radeivepart at (H-9) in Ru'Lude Gardens, he will ask you a Flame Degen.

    You can buy it at Auction House, probably around 3,000 Gil, but if you have some adventure spirit, you can hunt for it !
    It drops from Napalm in Ordelles Caves, Bomb monster, so be aware of Self-Destruct if you are less than level 50 !

    They spawn in the same room as one of the Stroper Chyme ! So you may have to face Chyme campers, since they often clear the room to spam their maccro !

    Once you have the Sword, go back to Radeivepart and trade him, he will give you map of Map of Castle Zvahl, which cover both Castle Zvahl Baileys and Castle Zvahl Keep area !

    Napalm spawn location: