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Uleguerand Range

Over the Hills and Far Away

Quest name Over the Hills and Far Away
Related areas
  • Southern San d'Oria
  • Port San d'Oria
  • Oldton Movalpolos
  • Uleguerand Range
  • Requirements and
    Suggested party Setup :
  • Can be soloed at 50+ ^_^
  • Need Silent oil/Prism Powder
  • Sub whm or rdm can help if you are melee !
  • Details : This quest is composed of 3 steps :
    1. To trigger quest, go to Southern San d'Oria and enter a house at (G-7) [MAP], go at the second floor and examine the Diary there, read the fourth pages.
      Now go to Port San d'Oria, and speak with Antreneau at the Rusty Anchor Pub (G-7) [MAP]. You will have a cutscene with Antreneau asking you to look for his nephew, lost while investigating Uleguerand Range.

    2. Now, you have to find a Moblin Hotrok (Rare/ex Item) which drop from Moblin Ashman in Oldton Mavalpolos. There is only one Moblin Ashman in whole zone, it pops at (K-10) [MAP] every 15 min.

    3. The last step and the biggest ^_^ You have to find a ??? in a cave in Uleguerand Range. To reach that ???, you have to walk throught the whole zone ! And Uleguerand Range is probably one of the most dangerous zone, especially because of the Taurus which has True Sight ability.
      And not only Taurus are dangerous, Snoll aggro to Magic and Sight, Ice elemental are almost always up, since Ice weather is omnipresent in Uleguerand Range.

      The map bellow shows the way :

    Tarutaru Bouli's advice!

    My advice is to not being cheap on Silent oil/Prism Powder, Snoll has really wide aggro range, and get aggro in Uleguerand Range almost always result with Death ;_; If you have Sleep, you can always try Sleep > Sneak/Invi > run near a Tunnel and log here to erase aggro ^_^ Also take care around (F-7)(G-7), great dragon Jormungand might run around ^_^ if it aggroes you, you will most likely die soon after xD
    Once you reach (F-9), you will see two slopes, seperated by a big rock, you have to slide down one of the two slope to reach a platform, either of two slopes can lead to the ???, there is a total of 4 Platform but only 2 lead there. Look at the map to see which one are the good one :) Note that there is hidden hole on the slope, that lead you on good cave !

    Once you are in, look for the ??? and trade your Moblin Hotrok, you will get a cutscene and finally receive your hard earned Uleguerand Range Map !