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Crawlers' Nest, Crawlers Nest [S]

An Explorer's Footsteps

Quest name An Explorer's Footsteps
Related areas
  • Buburimu Peninsula
  • East Ronfaure
  • East Sarutabaruta
  • Jugner Forest
  • Konschtat Highlands
  • La Theine Plateau
  • Meriphataud Mountains
  • North Gustaberg
  • Pashow Marshlands
  • Rolanberry Fields
  • Selbina
  • South Gustaberg
  • Tahrongi Canyon
  • Valkurm Dunes
  • West Ronfaure
  • West Sarutabaruta
  • Requirements and
    Suggested party Setup :
  • Can be completed solo 50+
  • Sneak/Invis needed for lower level
  • Details : The quest begins in Selbina when you speak with the mayor, Abelard (G-9). He asks you to go around the world gathering imprints from stone monuments using a lump of clay he will give you. You must go out to a monument, trade the clay to it, and bring it back to the mayor. There are 17 monuments around the world, but only 15 are required to get the map. The two not required are in Battalia Downs and Sauromugue Champaign as they will only yield gil rewards and not count towards the 15 for the map. Coincidentally, they are also the monuments that you cannot solo because you must go through the switch gates in Eldieme Necropolis and banishing gates in Garlaige Citadel for the respective areas. All the stone monuments are marked on the maps on this site.

    List of stone monuments(You can do these in any order):

    1. Buburimu Peninsula
    2. East Ronfaure
    3. East Sarutabaruta
    4. Jugner Forest
    5. Konschtat Highlands
    6. La Theine Plateau
    7. Meriphataud Mountains
    8. North Gustaberg (Must go through Dangruf Wadi to reach the waterfall)
    9. Pashow Marshlands
    10. Rolanberry Fields
    11. South Gustaberg
    12. Tahrongi Canyon
    13. Valkurm Dunes
    14. West Ronfaure
    15. West Sarutabaruta